Hello friend! I’m Daisha, and welcome to Doses of Daisha. Here you’ll find daily tips and motivation to inspire your lifestyle. Currently, I am living my best life in Dallas, TX while trying to maintain sanity in the new normal. I am a believer in Christ and radiating positive energy. Nothing excites me more than grabbing coffee at the airport terminal waiting to catching my AM flight.

Doses of Daisha was created to inspire individuals like yourself to live your greatest life, with self care tips and much more. My passion for writing yielded my desire to begin my blog. I hope to inspire you, in any way.

  • 25 Things to Be Grateful For Today
    1. Morning Sunrise 2. Healthy Mental State 3. New Experiences 4. Family 5. Mindset Shift 6. Morning Coffee/ Tea 7. Rest 8. Fresh Air 9. Food In The Fridge 10. Safe Travels 11. Second Chances 12. Positive Energy 13. Celebrations 14. Worthy Reads 15. Home […]
  • What’s Been On my Mind Lately: Creating Generational Wealth
    Creating generational wealth has been on my mind a lot recently. It is one of my biggest goals I wish to achieve at some point of my life. I absolutely know that I want to leave something behind for my future family. My grandparents did […]
  • Weight Gain Journey
    In the past couple of years, I’ve lost a lot weight that I did not intend to lose. Life, stress, the pandemic, toxic relationships and other life stressors had me to the point where some days I could not stand to look at food. I […]
  • How to Handle Working Overnight
    I’ve been a working girl since I was 18 years old. Never have I ever worked overnight shift full time, until now. I began working overnight late April of 2021 and let me say, it has been a huge adjustment going from day to night […]
  • New Fitness Hobby- Cycling
    I’m not sure if I lost my mind but I think I found my new healthy obsession. Indoor Cycling! When the world sort of came to a state of normalcy after year 2020, I rejoined a gym and sought out to take a fitness class […]
  • Goals for 2022
    New year, better me, which means new goals to set. Believe it or not, I’m approaching 30 and each year my goals are focused more on improving myself as I grow as a woman. I’m actually more serious about obtaining these goals because as I […]
  • Vision Board 2022
    Thanks to TikTok I have graduated my vision board from magazine clippings and glue to free stock photos and procreate. Using photos I found using free stock photo sites or Pinterest, I clipped together the vision board collage of my dreams. I was able to […]
  • 6 Decluttering Tips to Organize Your Closet
    Here, I have compiled a of list of 6 things that I do to organize and declutter my closet. About two to three times a year, I open my closet doors and dressers to rummage through every piece article of clothing I own. From undies […]
  • Finally Leaving The Nest: My First Apartment
    It’s been nearly seven years since I’ve come back home from college and moved back in with my parents. That was one of the best decisions I made in my life to save me tons of headaches. Living on my own in college made me […]
  • 15 random facts about me/ Why I started my blog
    1. My favorite time of day is the crack of dawn. 2. Pink is my favorite color but I’m usually wearing black 3. I’m an Aquarius 4. I have two tattoos 5. Small spaces and holes make me nauseous 6. I have no idea how […]