6 Decluttering Tips to Organize Your Closet

Here, I have compiled a of list of 6 things that I do to organize and declutter my closet. About two to three times a year, I open my closet doors and dressers to rummage through every piece article of clothing I own. From undies to sneakers and accessories. It turns out to be a everything must go sale. I never realize how much I accumulate in six months to a years period of time.

1.Throw out clothing with stains, holes, stretched, etc.

2. Throw out clothing that is outdated

3. Throw out clothing with uninspiring graphics/wording

4. Throw out clothing that does not fit

5. Create a trash pile and donate pile

6. If you have to think twice, throw it out

Decluttering my closet space regularly has relieved a lot stress when it comes to deep cleaning and making space for new things. I don’t have to worry about making room because chances are there is already enough so I can hang/fold and go.

Most of the things on my list are pretty self explanatory however, I wanted to focus on a couple that I have implemented since I’ve been growing as a woman. Firstly, any piece of clothing that I have to think twice about, is gone. I am no longer holding on to pieces that “maybe I’ll wear it soon”. If I haven’t worn it by now or its no longer aesthetically pleasing, it has to go.

My style is always evolving, much so recently, I have rid of clothing that has not evolved with me. I’m talking graphic tees and or anything that doesn’t feel “age appropriate”. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good graphic tee but its not so popular in my closet as it once was. Clothing that no longer suits your personal style should go.

Decluttering is letting go of things that no longer serve its purpose in your home. Decluttering your closet a couple times a year keeps your space organized for new and fabulous pieces your ready to add to your wardrobe. Having readily available space is a major stress reliever to everyday life.

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