Finally Leaving The Nest: My First Apartment

It’s been nearly seven years since I’ve come back home from college and moved back in with my parents. That was one of the best decisions I made in my life to save me tons of headaches. Living on my own in college made me realize how challenging adulthood could be. Even with roommates to help with bills, it was still challenging.

I had an honest conversation with myself one night and made the decision to go back home after the first semester to save money and my sanity. I had no clue what living on my own was so expensive. I would find my rent and bill money with my minimum wage job (or jobs depending on the season) and my student loan refund. I was grateful for my job and the extra income but it was not enough and I felt a burn out.

That refund check looked nice in my account but I had no clue how student loans worked like I do now. I just did what every other student had done. I will say that my refund was nice but wasn’t nice enough to afford cost of living, books, bills, food, etc. which is why I worked. I worked more than my friends and missed out on a lot. I also worked football games and missed out on all of the fun events because I was stuck in an elevator pushing buttons for well off ticket season holders, so yes, I worked my butt off.

Today, I live in a cozy studio loft in the city I’ve dreamed about living in since I was 19 years old. Dallas, TX. I’m only 30 minutes from my hometown because probably as far as I could go for now. I’ve been working out here for a few years now and I decided to go ahead and make the move. Firstly, before I made the move I did these few things:

1. Paid off as much debt as I possibly could.

2. Cashed in a change I had collected

3. Saved and cut back as much as I could

4. I made the decision to only search for apartments with utilities included.

5. Sold old clothes and decluttered my room

I’m not a realtor but I’m here to say if you can help it find a place with utilities included. It saves you from much headache and your coins. The thought of having to deal with bills stresses me out. That’s how I know I’m not ready for a house.

Now, I’m slowing furnishing my place and purchasing things here and there. I’ve been blessed with a wonderful family and friends who helped me out with a lot, so shout out to them!

For safety, my dad sawed off a piece of wood from a broom handle to make it difficult for my balcony door to slide. I also purchased a door stopper to place behind my front door. I keep both in place whenever I’m home alone.

Before I moved out, I was nervous about failure and what was to come. But now that I’m here, I feel amazing, like a new feeling. Living alone isn’t so bad as some make it seem. Maybe I haven’t reached what they are referring to, either way, I’m excited for the journey! So far, so good.

Any tips on living alone or adulting? ☺️

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