Goals for 2022

New year, better me, which means new goals to set. Believe it or not, I’m approaching 30 and each year my goals are focused more on improving myself as I grow as a woman. I’m actually more serious about obtaining these goals because as I grow older, life makes less sense to me. I’m more focused on obtaining financial security and a peace of mind. As we all know, this isn’t easy in todays society, however, we never know what the future holds.

My number one goal for 2022, is to finally start my business(es). I say finally, because I’ve had so many ideas (such as this blog) I have in mind this past year or so but failed to put them in to action. Now is my year to do that. I eventually want to replace my 9 to 5 with flourishing businesses. I’m speaking it in to existence because while I’m grateful for my job, my feet and mental health do not agree.

My second goal for 2022, is to begin a hobby. I recently moved to Dallas from Fort Worth, making this the first time I have been on my own since college. I need a hobby to keep me busy on days when I’m free, needing a break from life or who knows quarantined. Either way, a hobby is a great way to focus on something other than the negatives in life.

My final goal for the new year, is to learn to do my own hair. This past year, I’ve been relying on old faithful (YouTube) for inspiration and easy and cute protective hairstyles that I can achieve myself. Achieving a nearly perfect braid or pony tail and it not falling apart is a huge accomplishment for me. Also, saving a few extra coins never hurt.

This is the year, that we make our wildest dreams come true. Goals don’t have to stop at the new year. Set new goals every day, weekly or monthly to keep you focused all year long. Creating a list of goals, big or small will also help you feel productive in your every day life.

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