Vision Board 2022

Thanks to TikTok I have graduated my vision board from magazine clippings and glue to free stock photos and procreate. Using photos I found using free stock photo sites or Pinterest, I clipped together the vision board collage of my dreams. I was able to find photos that fit with my aesthetic and my goals I have for the year.

To bring my vision board to life, I used Procreate on my iPad. I have also seen other vision boards created by my friends using the app Canva. It’s as easy as it sounds. Download your favorite photos, upload and edit them to your liking. However, vision boards represent much more than pretty pictures and words.

I mostly used these two sites to find free stock photos but a quick google search could land you to other great sites!

Before I created my vision board I jotted down goals I’d like to accomplish for the year. Writing down my goals before hand allowed me to see the bigger picture of my vision board. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What about your career? How do you plan to stay healthy throughout the year? Do you plan to travel this year? Goals can be small or as big as you’d like as long as you work to accomplish them. Your vision board should reflect that.

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