New Fitness Hobby- Cycling

I’m not sure if I lost my mind but I think I found my new healthy obsession. Indoor Cycling! When the world sort of came to a state of normalcy after year 2020, I rejoined a gym and sought out to take a fitness class or two as a part of my fitness routine. I’m not sure what caused this change in me because you couldn’t pay me to ride a stationary bike. I’m so happy I decided to give indoor cycling classes a try, I feel more energized than I did before I started.

My first day of cycling went well. I had to slow down a lot being that I’m not in the best cardio shape. Being in class, however, I felt comfortable because there were others cheering everyone on. I definitely needed that because as much as I wanted to give up, I wouldn’t allow myself. Everyone was there for one reason and that was to reach their fitness goal.

Walking out of class I felt great and even more energized than before despite my legs feeling like noodles! I sat in the sauna for about 15 minutes after to relax my muscles. If you’re thinking about joining a cycling class or any fitness class, make sure you carry some water because you will sweat!

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