How to Handle Working Overnight

I’ve been a working girl since I was 18 years old. Never have I ever worked overnight shift full time, until now. I began working overnight late April of 2021 and let me say, it has been a huge adjustment going from day to night shift!

My body and mind have taken the biggest toll since I’ve become a full time overnight employee. Here are a few things I do, to manage working overnight.

1. Pack plenty of water and snacks.

2. Take a multi vitamin/ supplements.

3. Limit caffeine consumption.

4. Invest in dark curtains and other sleep aids.

5. Create/re-adjusted my daily routine.

I make sure to pack at least bottles of water and a snack or two that usually contains some sort of protein. Currently, I’m obsessed with these cookie peanut butter sandwich cookies I found in the supermarket. I also, aim to have a home cooked meal for lunch to save money, much healthier option and save time and not go hungry looking for food because not many places are open late at night. During this time I take a one a day vitamin or a supplement for energy to make it through the rest of the shift.

As much as I love a good cup of coffee, I noticed how drinking a cup every night was effecting how I felt while working. I would start to feel dehydrated and nauseous along with being tired from the lack of sleep was now getting. It was all becoming too much and it would keep me from my duties at work. One tip I have is to consume at least two bottle of water before work if you haven’t drank any all day. Your body will thank you for the extra bottle. Now, I reduced my caffeine intake to about two to three times a week.

Sleeping during the day is a task in its own because now that world and the sun is up. Before I invested in black out curtains and an eye mask, I had difficulty staying asleep. It gets the job done and unless you live in the suburbs, you’re going to hear noise. Lots and lots of noise. Before I moved from my parents home, they tried desperately to stay as quiet as they possibly could but I could still hear everything and everyone. Inside and outside the house. To help block out the noise, I found a “rain” playlist in Apple Music to easily fall asleep in just minutes. Along with adjusting your sleep routine, your daily routine probably needs a little tweaking too. For instance, I went to the supermarket at different times after my shift to determine how I felt and what works best for me.

I hope you find these tips useful to get you through your nights! Stay healthy, my friends.

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