Weight Gain Journey

In the past couple of years, I’ve lost a lot weight that I did not intend to lose. Life, stress, the pandemic, toxic relationships and other life stressors had me to the point where some days I could not stand to look at food. I never thought out of the 28 years of life I’d be stressed to the point I couldn’t eat. I went from 130 pounds to about 115 pounds, my high school weight.

Being that I’m a petite woman (4’11), 130 pounds is considered overweight so some weight shedding off was okay but not a whole 15 pounds! My family, friends and even coworkers were asking how and why did I lose to much weight. I couldn’t tell them why at first because it definitely was not intentional. I knew i had to do something about my weight because none of my clothes fit right anymore and having to give away your favorite pair of jeans is heartbreaking.

My weight gain journey has led me to these two things:

1. More home cooked meals. One of my goals for the new year was to cook more and since having moved out this year I’ve done just that. I search for foods and recipes that are high in protein and good fats to gain my weight back in a more healthier way. Some of my favorite things to cook are chicken and salmon.

2. I sip on delicious fruit smoothies with a scoop of whey protein (25g) as a snack about three times a week or after working out. Adding a scoop of whey protein to your smoothies aids in workout recovery and build muscle mass.

Although, it make take some time, I am determined to gain my few extra pounds back and in a more healthier way. My weight gain journey as just began.

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  1. thank u for sharing these useful info

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    1. You’re welcome. I’m happy I could help.


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