Growth and Outgrowing

Have you reached the age or a point in your life where you’ve outgrown certain things in your life? About two years ago, I purchased a journal called “52 Lists for Happiness” for weekly journaling and my personal stress relief. This journal contains various categories that one writes their responses in a list form. The list that I am sharing is one that I enjoyed answering because I knew I wanted to make some big changes in my lifestyle. I knew there were a few things that I needed to say “no” to in that moment that no longer served me purpose or was in the way of the woman I am constantly striving to be.

1. Giving out more than one chance

2. Giving up

3. Late nights with early mornings

4. Manipulative actions

5. Feeling sorry

I took a moment to carefully reread the words that I wrote almost two years that today, I am living in. At this point in my life, writing on this particular list, I knew there were several aspects in my life I wanted to improve or remove. Looking back at this list makes me extremely proud of who I am today. I no longer endure the things that held me back from growing. I craved inner peace and a certain lifestyle that my past wasn’t giving.

When I discovered that my body could no longer handle “drinking all night and work the next morning” like in my early twenties, I knew I needed to start right there on my personal growth journey. I needed to take care of myself starting from the inside. How could I earn my income and keep my career if I’m hungover or calling out sick because I drank too much the night before? When I stopped drinking as much as i before, I noticed a difference in my mind and body. I can wake and fall asleep more easily and think more clearly. I only play after work and when my schedule and body allow. I also noticed a difference in how some individuals would behave toward me, now calling me “boring” because I cut back on drinking.

This list helped me realize how much less I’m willing to put up with now. Once I notice a red flag or I feel some thing may be off, I handle it accordingly. I do not tolerate things or individuals who do not impact my life in a positive manner. Now, I am living in the present and can see things more clearly now than when I first wrote those words.

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