Comfort Shows

As I lay in bed at 3:45 AM, watching the same 90s show I’ve watched since seen I was a teen, I began to wonder why I still watching this in 2022? Will I ever give up watching any of these shows from many years ago?

When I think about it, my own parents continue to watch their favorite televison shows from when they were growing up. My mom will rewatch “A Different World” and “Good Times” season after season, as well as my dad, who watches black and white western shows such as “The Rifle Man” and “Cheyenne”. I even noticed this while visiting friends and other family.

It never occured to me how our favorite shows or movies bring us comfort. That sense of “knowing exactly what is going to happen” brings a sense of peace, although, you’ve seen this scene a million times before. I guess it is something you can count on being “good” for a short period of time you’re invested in watching tv. I know that sometimes I just don’t have the patience to search for new titles on my streaming services so I opt to play something familiar or play it in the background while I’m busy doing something else. I know I wont be missing much. Recently, I’ve noticed that some scenes or concepts of these shows I’ve missed completely or was too young to fully understand what the joke was really about.

My top comfort shows are:

  1. The Parkers
  2. Martin
  3. Family Guy

What are some of your comfort shows/movies?

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