What’s in My Travel Bag

My travel bag is probably one of the most important pieces while I’m traveling. It holds all of my essentials and unnecessary things I believe I need with me on any vacation. I love to travel with a tote bag so I can fit as much as I possibly can inside. Carrying a tote bag allows me to view everything inside while maneuvering through the busy airport.

Travel Bag Essentials:

1. Neck Pillow

2. iPad

3. Headphones

4. Feminine Wipes

5. Charger

6. Sanitizer

7. Book

8. Makeup Bag

9. First Aid

10. Hair Scarf/ Bonnet

Once I’ve reached my destination, my tote stays put along with my luggage. I take out my key essentials such as IDs, money and phone chargers to carry in my smaller bags.

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