Self Love Idea: Valentines Day

If you’re a happily single lady or gentleman like myself, you probably won’t be receiving a traditional Valentines Day gift from someone special. That’s okay, this year we are loving ourselves more so that V- day won’t seem so lonely! Here are a few self love ideas I do as a single lady on Valentine’s Day!

1. Buy Yourself Flowers

2. DIY Pamper Kit

3. Go out with Girlfriends

4. Half Off Candy usually at Target

Don’t feel ashamed to be alone or single on Valentine’s Day, there are millions of others in the same predicament as us. However, we love ourselves more over here so treat yourself in the time being because who else is doing it. One of the best things about this idea is that you can do this all in one stop shop. You can purchase your special flowers, grab candy (half off the next day), and curate a DIY Pampering kit if you’re not planning to step out with girlfriends.

For my DIY pamper kit I usually include:

1. Face Mask

2. Foot Mask

3. Lip Mask

4. Exfoliating Scrub

5. Nail Polish for Fresh Pedi

6. Robe

7. White Wine

8. Fruit

To all my single ladies and gentlemen, I hope these self love ideas brought a little joy and love today!

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