Self Love Idea: Glowing with Confidence

This self love post was inspired by all of those who have attempted to dump their negative energies onto me or hinder my self confidence. It has taken me pretty much all of my life to figure out that not everyone will love you. People will dislike you for so many different reasons because they hardly like themselves or certain things in their own lives. These people thrive on negative energy and are ready to spread it so graciously to bring you down to their level.

Not today.

1. Listen and dance your heart out to your favorite songs! Currently I’m listening to Truth Hurts by Lizzo. Music is a always a great way to escape. Sing the lyrics to focus on something else beside the negative. For a better experience, put on headphones and dance, clean or continue a hobby.

2. Look in the mirror, at your beautiful face. Remind yourself of all of the wonderful things that make you, you. Block out the negative because we are all love here, thriving off the strength of God and resilience to survive everyday life. You are worthy of so much and deserve the world. Negative energy only lasts if you allow it.

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