How to Pack a Healthy Lunch

A funny story of why and how I started to pack my own lunches beginning at five years old. One day, my school cafeteria was serving what looking like a small plastic bowl full of pickles. I sat down at my seat and had no idea I was about to bite in pickled squash. I never spit something out so fast. I was disgusted! I never trusted cafeteria food again until high school when we had more options like hot wings and Pizza Hut pizza and could leave campus.

Now as an adult, I carry my lunch to work. By carrying my own lunch, I can maintain a healthy diet and save money.

My mom would help me prepare my lunches for a while before, I began making them on my own as a child. She would always include the following:


Sandwich (or lunchable)




As an adult, I continue to follow the same method of making sure I pack protein, fruit, and now enough water to stay hydrated. Most of my lunches today include:

2 bottles of water

Juice / soda beverage

Cooked meal / leftovers


Yogurt w/ mixed berries

Peanut butter crackers / protein bar

One a Day Vitamins

I am lactose intolerant so I use brands that contain soy and sometimes almond milk. For energy to stay focused after my lunch I pack vitamins to take during my meal. On days when I eat out or don’t feel like cooking, I pack old reliable – sandwich and chips. I like to add tomatoes or sliced seasoned avocado to my sandwiches.

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