Fitness Hobby: Yoga

A friend of mine from work suggested to me that I try yoga. They informed me of the benefits such as improving balance and reducing stress. Since I’ve tried been going to classes, I can get through my shift without feeling tired or bending over from standing for long periods of time.

I suggest googling free classes near you or donation based. They’re really giving back to the community and giving $5 or $10 doesn’t hurt.

Currently in this lovely Texas heat, I am attending outdoor yoga classes I found on google that are based on cash donations. To keep cool I wear comfortable clothing and grab a large water bottle to stay hydrated.

After every class I feel great and excited to learn new poses for next class! I will say some of the poses are a little difficult especially if it’s your first time but I encourage you to watch the person next to you, they are probably lost too! Haha. Trust.

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