Finding Your Fitness Motivation

If your having trouble getting to the gym, keep reading! If you’re wanting to stay in shape but the gym really isn’t your thing, I have a few of my own personal tips that motivated me to get back in to the gym and reach my fitness goals.

1. My number one tip is start at home. No need to rush out and spend money on a gym membership that you may or may not use. Starting at home can prepare you (and your body) for the actual gym setting. Place a mirror in front of you so you can see yourself and correct any move you may have trouble performing.

2. Stay consistent with a solid routine. No matter what you plan to work on that day, have a routine in mind so you’re not wondering lost on what to do next. There are an abundance of exercises that you can search on the web. YouTube is great source for finding a routine and can easily be displayed on your TV, phone or tablet!

3. My last tip would be to find inspiration! I find that searching for daily fitness inspiration keeps my mind focused on working towards my goals! Inspiration can come in many different forms besides a “body goals” photo- because no two bodies will ever be the same. I find inspiration in cute gym outfits, smoothie recipes, quotes and various other fitness elements.

I hope you found these tips motivational and have you ready to begin your fitness journey!

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